Anyone else a little nervous?  We desperately need some hope for today and hope for tomorrow.  With the upcoming elections, rapid cultural change, terrorist plots, foreign hacking, and the threat of war; the world we live in can be a little scary.  Some stockpile food and ammo, ready to wait out or fight back whatever tomorrow holds.  Some close their eyes, praying that Jesus comes to the rescue.  Be it fight or flight, we all have a gut reaction to the uncertainty of tomorrow.  Sadly, many today hold out little hope for a good tomorrow.  Its almost as if we expect trouble ahead.

One of my favorite places at Disney World is “Tomorrowland.”  I love the hope it promised.  The movie by the same name promised such potential hope if only all the best and brightest were given the freedom to create and lead us into tomorrow.  We Jesus followers have a similar dream.  We long for heaven.  We’re eagerly looking forward to Jesus’ return when all the bad ends and the perfect goodness of heaven is our only reality.

But what if the escape to heaven many of us commonly expect for tomorrow isn’t actually what Jesus promised.  Dig a little deeper into the Gospels, and we find out that our hopeful TOMORROWLAND isn’t an escape.  Heaven isn’t a fantasyland.  In fact, what Jesus promised is something much greater, more extreme, and more real than we would ever believe.

As we explore Jesus’s promise of hope for today in our Message Series TOMORROWLAND, we’ll find out that the real promise and hope of resurrection is something that becomes not only a future hope, but a promise that changes our today.  Below are the first three messages.  Listen along with us and join us in the daily devotional and questions as we explore the real TOMORROWLAND!


LISTEN to week 1:  TOMMORROWLAND – Resurrection is Real




Click for daily devotional and group questions for TOMORROWLAND part 1




LISTEN to week 2:  TOMMORROWLAND – Resurrection Wins




Click for daily devotional and group questions for TOMORROWLAND part 2




LISTEN to week 3:  TOMMORROWLAND – Resurrection Today




Click for daily devotional and group questions for TOMORROWLAND part 3

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