Sunday Rewind for Sept 18: Changing Where I Start


Where do we start?  Our world sure seems messed up!  I think all of us hope to see change happen soon.  We awoke this morning to new reports of bombing and terrorist attacks.  Our presidential campaign scares many of us.  Our economy offers little reassurance.  We really wonder what kind of world I will pass along to our children and grandchildren.  We want to change the world for the better.  But were do we start?

Many of us might recall the days before digital cameras when every picture produced a film negative we took to get developed.  Those negatives presented a warped view of reality.  Black was white, up was down, and left was right.  The film needed processed, developed, in order to truly reflect reality.  What if the way we naturally view the world is an unprocessed, undeveloped negative?

Jesus preached some wild ideas.  In our message series, Undeveloped Negatives, we take a look at the Gospel of Luke’s version of what many of us know as the Sermon on the Mount.  Luke 6:20-49 presents a more concise version of the essential teachings of Jesus…call them the Spark Notes versions of the Sermon on the Mount.  In them, Jesus challenges us to see the world completely different.  In Jesus’ reality, the poor are blessed and the rich are sorrowful.  In Jesus’ way of living, we love our enemies and help those who hurt us.  For Jesus, the blind often see far more than those who claim to have 20/20 vision.  Jesus inverts our perceived picture of normal and suggests that maybe, just maybe, we’ve been looking at life completely wrong.

Could Jesus be right?  Do we need processed, developed if you will, by Jesus in order to gain a full color view on how life truly is?  In this Sunday’s message we consider how Jesus changes where we start.  Before we have any hope of changing the world, or helping a friend, we need to begin with ourselves.


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For Further Discussion: 

Share a story where someone helped you.  What was your attitude and theirs?

Read Luke 6:37-38.  Jesus says “don’t judge” but we have to make judgements every day to survive.  What kind of judging was Jesus forbidding in this passage?  Why?

What do giving and forgiving have in common?  How have people been generous with you?

Read Luke 6:39-42.  Is noticing a speck “judgmental”? What is Jesus’ point about the speck and log?  How should we help friend’s with their “speck”?

What is your attitude towards your own “log”?  How can not addressing our “log” hold us back from loving others?

What do you think Jesus ultimately wants for all of us?  What is your NEXT STEP with Jesus and how can Christ Church help you?

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