Sunday Rewind for Oct 2: Changing Me


Mind your own business!  Ever had someone poke their nose into your business?  These meddlers always know what is right or best for us.  We want to decide about ourselves for ourselves.  “No one’s changing me!”  No one likes their faults or mistakes exposed, especially by someone you or I haven’t authorized to do so.  It rubs us wrong.  It hurts.  It stirs up anger when someone tells us what we’re doing wrong.  I once had someone tell me, “Pastor, be careful!  You’ve gone from preaching to meddling.”  What they meant was that I had spoken to a very sore subject or point in their lives.  We’re comfortable hearing general statements about good or bad.  When the topic gets a little too specific or hits a little too close to home, we get uneasy.  We all resist others telling us how we need to change.

As we close our message series, Undeveloped Negatives, Jesus goes from preaching to meddling.  Luke 6:46-49 draws a sharp line in the sand, and Jesus wants you and I to know where we stand.  If we hope to know eternal life, if we really want to see in full-color, Jesus must have the right and authority to change us.  “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord!’ and not do what I say?”  (Luke 6:46a)  We all try to do a lot of what Jesus says.  We try to love others.  We ask for forgiveness and try hard to forgive others.  We give.  We serve.  But…Jesus warns that we might be missing the point.  Its not enough to try to be a good Christian.  Jesus wants the right to begin changing me from the inside out.

To drive home his point, Jesus asks us to think of ourselves as houses.  A safe and secure house rests on a solid foundation.  Even a glorious mansion will quickly crumble in times of trouble unless the foundation is strong and secure.  A strong foundation always requires digging.  The deeper you dig, the stronger the foundation will be.  Trouble comes when the shovel hits an obstacle.  Be it a rock, a root, or a preciously held treasure, whatever blocks the shovel must be removed if digging continues.  Do we give Jesus the right and authority to pull out our rocks, cut through our roots, or take away our treasures?  The grace of Jesus to save and sanctify our lives is a beautifully free gift.  The hard work of grace is allowing grace to change me.

Bringing our Undeveloped Negatives to a close, we ask the most crucial question:  “Will I let Jesus develop me?”  To see in full color requires letting Jesus be Lord.  Will I let Jesus meddle in my life?  Can Jesus dig in changing me?


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For Further Discussion: 

Share about the occupational training you received?  What kind and length of education was required?  Was a mentor or an apprenticeship available?  Why was the training necessary?

Read Luke 6:46 & Matthew 7:21-23.  Why would anyone call Jesus “Lord, Lord” and not do what he says?  The people did a lot of good, why wasn’t it enough?  What does Jesus want?

Read Luke 6:47-49.  Why do you think Jesus used the idea of digging a foundation as a comparison to saving faith?  What challenges exist in digging a good foundation for a home?

What kind of digging does Jesus do in a person’s life?  Why is honestly, humility, confession, and/or submission so hard for people?  Why are we afraid of personal change?

Where is Jesus trying to dig in your life?  How are you working with Jesus or working against Jesus?  What is your NEXT STEP and how can Christ Church help you?

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