Sunday Rewind for March 5: No Excuses


Grow Up!

Over the next four weeks at Christ Church, we will partner with our new Children’s ministry to follow the same lesson plan they pursue.  This four part series from Open.Life.Church challenges the young and old alike to move on to maturity and simply “Grow Up!”  Don’t worry, we don’t want to rush childhood.  But at the same time, nothing is more disappointing or sad than a childish adult.  The purpose of childhood is to learn and move onto adulthood well prepared and mature.

Likewise, if we are followers of Jesus Christ, we have been born again (see John 3).  New to faith in Christ, we are like infants needing considerable care, support, and training.  Over time, we intentionally seek to mature in our faith, knowledge, and obedience.  We “grow up” in Jesus and move on to maturity.  Sadly, too many church people get stuck in an immature, self-centered faith, happy to be served and throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.  For all of us, its time to grow up!

Week 1:  No More Excuses!  Its Time to Grow Up!

I just can’t.  How many times have you and I thought or felt those exact words?  I can’t go talk to her/him.  I can’t add one more thing to my schedule.  I can’t quit.  Sometimes “I can’t” is completely legitimate.  No matter how hard I try or train, I will never be able to flap my arms and fly across the room.  I just can’t.  It is not physically possible.  I can’t buy a Fortune 500 company.  Maybe, given enough time and financial training I could work my way towards that goal…but right now I’m lucky to buy a Fortune 500 company product.  I just can’t means I’m not there yet.  But let’s be honest, most times “I can’t ____” is our quick and ready excuse when life requires us to step out of our comfort zone.  “I can’t” hides a deeper more honest truth:  “I don’t want to.”

Maturity is doing what is right and necessary even when I don’t want to.  I hate when my alarm goes off at 6AM.  Ugh!  I want to roll over and close my eyes, letting my children get themselves ready for preschool and first grade.  “I just can’t” isn’t an option because I have a responsibility.  I have a job.  Maturity sets aside my fears and frustrations to do what is right and necessary.

Likewise, to mature is Christ is to chose obedience even when I don’t want to.  The real question is, “How do we do that?”  I invite you to listen to this week’s Sunday Rewind.  Partner with us as we say “No more excuses!  Its time to grow up!”


Click below to listen to our Sunday, March 5 Message at Christ Church


For Further Conversation:

Take some time to think through the questions below.  Would you like to join one of our weekly LifeGroups?

  1. “The dog ate my homework!”  What are some of the best excuses you’ve used or heard?
  2. Read 1 Samuel 3:1-11.  How did Samuel show his maturity?  Looking at 1 Samuel 2 & 4, how did Eli and his sons demonstrate their immaturity?
  3. Why do you think Christians would make excuses when they know the right think to do?  What do people miss out on when they make excuses all the time?
  4. Read James 4:17.  The Bible spells out many clear “thou shall nots” of obedience to God.  How does this verse define sin and obedience?  What comes to mind as things we know we ought to do but often don’t?
  5. What big plans do you think God has for you?  When you know what you need to do, how long should you wait before you do it?
  6. How can Christ Church help you “grow up” and take a NEXT STEP with Jesus?

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