Sunday Rewind for March 26: No Stinking

Grow Up!

Over these four weeks at Christ Church, we are partnering with our new Children’s ministry.  This four part series from Open.Life.Church challenges the young and old alike to move on to maturity and simply “Grow Up!”  Don’t worry, we don’t want to rush childhood.  But at the same time, nothing is more disappointing or sad than a childish adult.  The purpose of childhood is to learn and move onto adulthood well prepared and mature.

Likewise, if we are followers of Jesus Christ, we have been born again (see John 3).  New to faith in Christ, we are like infants needing considerable care, support, and training.  Over time, we intentionally seek to mature in our faith, knowledge, and obedience.  We “grow up” in Jesus and move on to maturity.  Sadly, too many church people get stuck in an immature, self-centered faith, happy to be served and throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.  For all of us, its time to grow up!


Week 4:  No More Stinking Sin!  Its Time to Grow Up!

Come summer time, I have a favorite pair of shoes.  My simple Toms Loafers are so comfortable, especially without socks.  Yet after only a day or two of wear, their pungent odor requires I store them out of the house.  I’ll dump Gold Bond Powder in them to try to mask the aroma.  The stink can be overwhelming.  I have incredibly stinky feet.

Pungent odor possesses a power to drive people away.  Sin operates in much the same way.  There is a pervasive nature to sin.  Like a strong stink, at first it may be striking.  Yet, the more we stay in sin, the less offensive it becomes.  We grow accustomed to the stench of sin in our own lives.  Though we may not even notice it, it is readily apparent to others.  The challenge for all of us is to begin finding others who can speak truth to our smell.

Maturity is understanding cause and effect, then choosing to do the right thing.

Stinking sin speaks to the immaturity many of us succumb to when we fail to grow up.  Like someone who refuses to take responsibility for their hygiene, stinking sin hangs around us, pushing others away.  We show our maturity as we begin recognizing the cause and effect of our actions.  We choose to chew on our motives, contemplating how it impacts others, and then we make the wise and favorable decision of doing right.  This maturity leans into the love and righteousness of God.  So, the question becomes for me and you, how’s our stink?

I invite you to listen to this week’s Sunday Rewind.  Partner with us as we say “No more stinking sin!  Its time to grow up!”


Click below to listen to our Sunday, March 26 Message at Christ Church


For Further Conversation

  1. How do you respond to strong foul odors?  Can you recall a time when you were afraid you were the one responsible for the odor?  How did you feel around other people?
  2. Read Luke 2:41-52.  What do you think Jesus did to grow wiser and stronger for God?  Why do you think this also pleased other people?
  3. What is “pleasing” about being around wise and compassionate people?  How can a Jesus follower be a pleasant aroma to those around them?
  4. What do you think when someone makes the same wrong choice over and over again?
  5. What is one sin you can ask God to help you quit this week?  What godly choice can you start doing this week to be more pleasing to God and to people?
  6. How can Christ Church help you “grow up” and take a NEXT STEP with Jesus?

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