Sunday Rewind for March 19: Take Care of Yourself

Grow Up!

Over these four weeks at Christ Church, we are partnering with our new Children’s ministry.  This four part series from Open.Life.Church challenges the young and old alike to move on to maturity and simply “Grow Up!”  Don’t worry, we don’t want to rush childhood.  But at the same time, nothing is more disappointing or sad than a childish adult.  The purpose of childhood is to learn and move onto adulthood well prepared and mature.

Likewise, if we are followers of Jesus Christ, we have been born again (see John 3).  New to faith in Christ, we are like infants needing considerable care, support, and training.  Over time, we intentionally seek to mature in our faith, knowledge, and obedience.  We “grow up” in Jesus and move on to maturity.  Sadly, too many church people get stuck in an immature, self-centered faith, happy to be served and throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.  For all of us, its time to grow up!


Week 3:  No More Baby Food!  Its Time to Grow Up!

Can I confess that I dislike cooking!  I love eating, but despise preparing my food.  It takes time, planning, and effort that I struggle to invest.  I expend so much energy elsewhere, I’d rather just sit and eat immediately.  That’s why for the longest time my favorite chef was Chef BoyArDee!  Unfortunately, that is not the healthiest way to eat.  I packed on pounds and my cholesterol skyrocketed.  Eating right and being healthy takes a certain amount of discipline and maturity.  It takes effort.

Maturity is pursuing my faith development and leading others in theirs.  A mother’s milk is good and nutritious for a baby.  Jarred baby food contains exactly what an infant needs.  Plus, its easy at least on the infant…open mouth and swallow.  Adults have a different nutritional need and digestive requirement.  We need solid food and we need to chew.  We need the process for our own health.  Our bodies are designed for this purpose and will begin struggling if we remove this process from our every day life.

Eating like an adult requires effort.  It requires someone’s time, planning, and purpose.  Maturity is owning and pursuing that process for ourselves.  A 35 year old with a nanny is considered spoiled and immature.  If we hope to move on to maturity, to grow and bear fruit for Jesus, we must learn to take care of ourselves.  If we hope to lead others (a key ingredient to a mature follower of Jesus) then we must have a life worth following.

I invite you to listen to this week’s Sunday Rewind.  Partner with us as we say “No more baby food!  Its time to grow up!”


Click below to listen to our Sunday, March 19 Message at Christ Church


For Further Conversation:

  1. Have you ever tasted baby food?  What was you favorite flavor?  Least favorite flavor?  What do you like about it?  What don’t you like about it?  Why can’t adults thrive on it?
  2. Read Hebrews 5:11-14.  What comfort do you think people find in staying immature?
  3. Reread Hebrews 5:13.  What would you equate as “infant” Christianity?  Why do you think this writer said an “infant Christian” doesn’t know how to do what is right?
  4. Reread Hebrews 5:14.  What do you think the writer meant by “solid food”?  How might “chewing solid food” lead to the ability to recognize the difference between right and wrong?
  5. What practices or activities can and/or should maturing Christians engage in?  Where are you clinging to immaturity instead of “taking care of yourself”?  How does reproduction fit in?
  6. How can Christ Church help you “grow up” and take a NEXT STEP with Jesus?


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