Sunday Rewind for June 12: Who is Jesus, Really?


Have a Question? We all have questions, big God questions.  Throughout the summer at Christ United Methodist Church in Gastonia, NC, we’re asking some big questions!  Here is our Sunday Rewind for June 12, 2016.  We ask the big question, “Who is Jesus, Really?”

“Daddy!”  Long and loud, drawing out each vowel, this 3AM cry catapults me from sleep.  Up and out, I answer the call of one of my children.  The dog can bark, and I sleep.  You could probably burglarize my home, and I’d sleep soundly.   My child calls my name and I instantly respond.  I know them.  They trust me.  They call me.  I go.  I am their daddy.

I answer to lots of names.  I’m “Hubby” to my bride.  I’m “Daddy” to my children.  I’m “Uncle Squirt Guy” to my nieces (long story for another post!).  I’m “Pastor Matt” at my church.  Each name identifies not only me, but it also reveals the identity of those speaking my name.  Our names indicate our relationships to one another.  My wife would probably have some strong words to another woman calling my “Hubby.”  That is her name for me because she is my wife, my beautiful bride.  “Daddy,” especially at 3AM, perfectly captures the intimate relationship of a father to his children.  “Pastor Matt” lets me know the person speaking looks to me to spiritually guide and lead.  We all tend to identify people by how they identify with us.

Who is Jesus, really?  Its a big question.  Few people can match Jesus’ influence in human history.  Practically every major religion identifies him as a great teacher or prophet.  But who was he, really?  Was Jesus really God, or was he simply really good.  Sentenced to death for claiming to be God, we’re left with a decision to make.  Was Jesus lying, delusional, or is he who he said he was?  How we identify with Jesus goes a long way in determining how Jesus identifies with us.  Jesus wants us to answer the question, “Who do you same I am?”   Continuing our summer message series, I’ve Got a Question, we ask and try our best to answer, “Who was Jesus, really?”.


Click below to listen to this past Sunday’s Message.  

This message is 24:20 minutes long…

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