Sunday Rewind for May 21: Elisha Part 3


Elisha, Part 3

What do we do when we have nothing left?  Empty and out of hope.  Exhausted and low on faith.  Tapped and out of money and resources.  What is our next step when we don’t know if we have another step in us?

I could not get my car to start.  Stranded at night a few miles from home, I didn’t know what to do.  Over and over I turned the key and cranked the engine.  The engine would sputter and chug for a second, as if to tease me, only to stall out and quit.  A quick call to a mechanic friend helped me diagnose the problem.  Though there was plenty of gas in the tank, somehow the fuel failed to reach the engine.  I had everything I needed, but what I needed wasn’t reaching the spot I needed it.  I was stuck.

Ridiculous Provision

2 Kings 4:1-7 offers every empty, exhausted, or tapped soul hope.  Through Elisha, God multiplies the last little resources a poor widow owns.  Through her example we find that when we don’t have what we want, God is what we need.  God specializes in multiply our little to accomplish a lot.  Instead of waiting for want we want, through faith we start with what we have.  These simple truth are how God clears the lines and allow the resources of the Almighty Lord to refuel us.

Are you feeling empty and exhausted?  I invite you to listen to our May 21, 2017 message at Christ UMC:  Elisha, Part 3.  Maybe God is ready to do the miraculous in us and through us, if we’re only willing to take the next step today.

Click below to listen to our Sunday, May 21 Message at Christ Church


For Further Conversation

  1. How have you experienced God recently in your life?  Describe a time when God did a lot with just a little in your life.  What did you learn from the experience?
  2. Read 2 Kings 4:1-7.  How do you think this family initially responded to Elisha’s strange command?  Where are you feeling overwhelmed right now?  How has that affected you?
  3. When you don’t have what you really want, God is what you really need.  How have you experienced the truth of this statement?
  4. What do you have that God can use?  What unimportant things do you need to empty yourself of so that God can fill you up with what matters most?  How will you allow God?
  5. What NEXT STEP will you take to work with what you have so that God can give you what you need?  How can Christ Church help?

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