Sunday Rewind for June 4: Potential, Go BIG

Go Big or Go Home!  What would it have been like to be in the room with all the other followers of Jesus when the Holy Spirit flooded the room?  In that moment, a room full of hiding cowards transformed into bold preachers.  They had been terrified they’d be crucified like Jesus, yet in a short time they would stand defiantly before the religious authority boldly proclaiming their allegiance with Jesus.  Whatever took place in that upper room on the day of Pentecost radically changed them forever.  With the arrival of the Holy Spirit, what would have been a called failed moment instantly became a full blown movement that literally toppled governments and changed the trajectory of history.  What happened?  And could it happen again?

WCJD:  What CAN Jesus Do?

Dreamers love to consider “potential”.  Wrapped in a tiny acorn rests the potential of a mighty oak.  The cry of a newborn baby could hold at the potential voice of a world-changing leader.  Potential resides all around us ready to become reality if we would only lean into it, live into it, and realize it in our lives.  Here is a question full of potential:  What Can Jesus Do?  Imagine if the Son of God walked into our home, church, or community.  What could happen?  Jesus causes the blind to see and the lame to walk.  He even raised the dead.  Can you imagine what could happen?  Can you see the potential?


So whats the hold up?  I know some many Christians that are eager to see the potential of what Jesus can do become a reality in our churches and community.  But before we can witness the potential of Jesus through us, Jesus first must work in us.  Like those cowardly hiders on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit moves in us before even a single other soul was touched by us.  If we want Jesus to change our families, churches, and communities, we have to let Jesus change us first!

Go BIG or go HOME

Its time we start imagining what Jesus CAN do in us and through us.  Lets grab a common cliche and make it our rallying cry:  “Go BIG or go HOME.”  Many church-goers show little desire for change.  They have excuse after excuse as to why they can’t give, serve, or lead.  They are “Holding Onto My Excuses”  …going HOME.  But if we hope to see the potential of what Jesus can do in us and through us, then we must have the confidence to go BIG:  “Believe In God”.  To go BIG –  Believe in God – is to trust God enough that we boldly obey and live faithful even when it doesn’t make sense.  We go BIG when we give sacrificially believing  that God will provide.  We go BIG when we build relationships with our unchurched neighbors and co-workers, believing that God will give us the words of truth our new friends need to hear.  We go BIG with we prioritize our time so that we can read Scripture, pray, and commit to authentic accountability through small groups.  Its time we decided, will we “Go BIG or Go HOME!


Here’s our Sunday Rewind for Pentecost 2017, June 4.  Click to listen!


For Further Conversation:

  1. How have you experienced God recently in your life?  Describe a time you chose to take a big risk.  What did you want to do?  What were the risks?  What was the outcome?
  2. Read Acts 1:4-8   Why do you think Jesus commanded them to wait for the Holy Spirit before starting the mission?  Where is your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth?
  3. If given unchallenged opportunity, what do you think Jesus can do in your family?  In your church?  In your community?  How is Jesus trying to work this same potential in you?
  4. What are some common excuses people use to avoid doing the BIG things of Jesus?  Which is your most common excuses?  What are your BIG goals that require Jesus or they fail?
  5. What BIG thing will you do with Jesus this week?  What is one excuse you will let go of this week?  What is your NEXT STEP with Jesus and how can Christ Church help?


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