Sunday Rewind: Where Are the Burning Bushes Today?


I love a great fire.  A burning bush would grab my attention.  There is something mesmerizing about the flicker of a flame.  Imagine life prior to electricity.  The only lights available were combustable.  Street lamps and night lights were nothing more than candle light.  Only fire broke open the darkness.  I guess then that it shouldn’t surprise me that God chose a burning bush to grab the attention of Moses.

Even with all our bright modern technology, our world can still feel dark.  In the midst of life’s struggles where we feel like we are groping in the black, many of often wish God would show up in a burning bush.  We wish God would break open our darkness and give us a clear sign of peace, hope, and comfort.  Moses got a burning bush.  Where are the burning bushes today?

As we close out our summer message series, I Have a Question, we ask one final big one.  Here is our Sunday Rewind for August 28:  “Where Are the Burning Bushes Today?”

Where is God?  Deep down, we all crave to see God.  We want some experience, some tangible proof that God is there and that God really cares.  Moses’ burning bush provided him a real, unmistakable experience.  Many of us want something similar, so we look around trying to find signs of God.  Where are the burning bushes today?

God hasn’t left us without signs, without proof.  As we dive into the burning bush story, and track God’s revelation forward…there has always been a bright burning light for all to see.  It just moves.  Where is the flame today?  The fire today burns in the hearts of followers of Jesus.  Its no coincidence that on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended on the believes like little tongues of fire.  We are the burning bushes for the whole world.  We are God’s sign that there is hope, peace, and comfort.

Burning Bushes grab people’s attention.  How can we kindle the flame within us so that it burns brightly for all to see?  If people aren’t intrigued by our lives, if people are wondering why we are different, then there must be something off about our light.  As we tackle this last great question of summer, my hope is that we gain some vital simple steps is building a bright burning bush within all our hearts.  Let’s all look in the mirror as we ask “Where are the burning bushes today?” 


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For Further Discussion: 

Who are some people that have positively helped you come to and grow in your faith?  What was it about them?  What did they do?  What didn’t they do?  What did they say?

Compare Exodus 3:3 and 2 Corinthian 4:7-12  What are some ways followers of Jesus challenged today in our community?  How could these challenges reveal Jesus to others?

Read 1 Peter 3:13-17  Notice the pattern: (1) I struggle (2) others see my hope (3) they ask me why.  How does giving in to struggle keep others from seeing Jesus? How does pretending all is good or you don’t struggle keep others seeing Jesus?  Who is asking you questions?

Fire needs Fuel, Heat, & Oxygen to burn.  God provides the fuel.  Where are you experiencing heat right now?  How are you being open about it?  Who is watching?

Are you ALL IN >  ALL OUT > ALL BECAUSE of Jesus?  What is your NEXT STEP with Jesus and how can Christ Church help you?

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