Sunday Rewind for April 23: I Want to SEE

I Want to SEE!

Do we want to see?  Most of us like to think we have a firm grasp on reality…we think we see pretty clearly.  But what might we be missing?  How do you see your present circumstances?  How about your future?  Are you riding high on life or fearful of when the next calamity will come your (or our) way?  It all comes down to perspective.  Are we glass is half full or half empty people.  What do you want to see?

A common theme for Jesus was our pervasive spiritual blindness.  Religious people seemed to be especially afflicted.  They missed the obvious and I wonder if we do the same.  Do we even want to see?  Jesus approached a blind man begging for mercy along the side of the road, and asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”  On the surface, that is such a silly question.  The guy is blind…how about healing his male-pattern baldness.  No, the obvious need is his sight.  But Jesus wants the blind man to say it.  Do I even know what my real problem is?  I want more money when my real problem is financial responsibility.  My problem is time management but I want more time.  I want to be loved when my problem is that I don’t even love myself.  Jesus asks what we want.  Do we want to see?

Do we want to see?

Immediately following the resurrection, Jesus appeared to many people who knew him well.  He walked and talked with people who had spend every day with Jesus for the last two to three years.  Yet, they didn’t recognize him.  Why?  How could they not see Jesus standing right in front of them?

Do we want to see?  Seeing Jesus changes everything.  Jesus changes our perspective.  He changes how we perceive our circumstances.  When we see Jesus, when we know he is with us right here right now, it changes both how and why we live each day.

Is Jesus standing right in front of us, and we’re missing him?  Click below to listen to our Sunday Rewind “I Want to SEE.”  Join us as we consider the simply steps to seeing Jesus in our lives.

Click below to listen to our Sunday, April 23 Message at Christ Church

For Further Conversation

  1. Have you ever not recognized someone or mistook someone for somebody else?  What caused the mix-up?  What could you have done differently to prevent the mix-up?
  2. Read Luke 24:13-39.  Aside from “God caused it”, why do you think these Jesus-followers didn’t recognize Jesus walking and talking with them?  What caused them to recognize him?
  3. Seek – Why do you think “Admit My Need” is the first necessary step to seeing Jesus?
  4. Expect – How does “Trust His Promises” play a role in seeing Jesus?
  5. Experience – Why must we “Open Our Heart” and not simply our “mind” to see Jesus?
  6. Where are you seeing Jesus?  How is the experience changing you?  What NEXT STEP with Jesus might you need to take?  How can Christ Church help?

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