Sunday Rewind for August 7: How Can She Be a Pastor?


How can she be a pastor?  For many, this question betrays common sense.  We live in a new day.  Hillary Clinton officially became the first female candidate for President of the United States represented by a major political part.  Whether you support her policies or not, her nomination represents enormous progress towards gender equality in our country.  Why would anyone ask about female pastors?  Aren’t we past, way past, this question?

How can she be a pastor?  Many others ask this question with an honest desire to tailor their lives to the words of Scripture.  Scripture provides a few very direct passages that forbid female leadership in churches.  Several denominations restrict female leadership.  Historically, the church significantly limited female leadership.  Yet, in many other denominations, women ascend to the highest positions of leadership.  Honest and faithful people disagree.  People ask this question wondering how to be faithful to Scripture.

Throughout the summer at Christ United Methodist Church in Gastonia, NC, we’re asking some BIG questions!  Here is our Sunday Rewind for August 7, 2016.  We ask the big question, “How Can She Be a Pastor?”

Following Jesus requires faithful effort.  Human instinct and culture often work against the lifestyle required of a faithful Jesus follower.  Additionally, Jesus lived two millennia ago in a context so very different from our own.  How do we follow the Way (Jesus) all the way?  How do we know what is right and wrong, true and false, for a faithful follower of Jesus?  Scripture clarifies how we follow the Way (Jesus) all the way.  We trust the inspiration and authority of Scripture because Jesus did.  From the earliest followers of Jesus, down through the ages, Scripture offered sufficient and final authority on all matters of faith.

How can she be a pastor?  For faithful followers of Jesus, it depends on how we understand and interpret the Content of Scripture.  On this matter, many disagree.  The United Methodist Church ordains men and women alike, shedding all gender barriers in regards to leadership.  Given the direct nature of several passages of Scripture forbidding female leadership within the church, how did we arrive at our belief and practice?  And…what does it mean for all of us who faithfully want to follow the Way all the way?  That is the question we answer as we continue our summer message series, I Have a Question, #9:  How Can She Be a Pastor?


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Questions for further conversation:

Has anyone every restricted you from doing something, not based on your ability, but for some other reason?  What was it?  Why were you restricted?  How did it make you feel?

Can you think of situations or environments where, for the benefit or safety of yourself and/or others, setting restricts based on something other than ability make practical sense?

Read 1 Timothy 2:8-15.  From what you know of first century culture, can you make a case for Paul being wise in his advise about women in leadership for the sake of others?

Read 1 Peter 2:5 & 2 Cor 5:20.   We are all priests with a calling.  Why do you think people hire a priest/pastor and shy away from being a “priest” for Jesus in their community?  What is your context and community?  How are you called to be a priest or ambassador for Christ?

What is your NEXT STEP with Jesus?  How can Christ Church help you take that step?

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