Getting God's Best - From the "Expect The Expected" Series

Getting God’s Best – From the “Expect The Expected” Series

  You get what you pay for. Every purchase is a balance of our budget versus quality. If I had an unlimited budget, I would buy the very best quality every time. If I could afford it, I would eat at the Capital Grill every day. If I could afford it, I would drive a Rolls Royce. If I could afford it, my wife would shop at Nordstroms. Quality is undeniable. Unfortunately, my budget is also undeniable. So I eat at home, a reasonable restaurant, or maybe at the Capital Grille on a very, very special occasion (Hopefully when someone else is paying!) I drive a used car or an inexpensive newer car. And my favorite clothing store is any clearance rack in the outlet[…]

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Do I Give God Space to Move?

We give space to those we love.  Leaving my house is not easy.  A ritual began about a year ago transforming simple good-byes into a five minute “lovefest”.  It started simple enough.  My wife and I make a point of kissing good bye every time I walk out the door.  What can I say,  I guess we really love showing we love each other.  Watching this ritual, my daughter decided she wanted some loving.  No matter what she is doing, she must stop and get her hug and kiss bye-bye.  Now my son needs the same.  If I happen to leave before my children wake or get their love, they burst into tears because I’m gone.  I’ve been chased down in my driveway by half-naked,[…]

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